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EIZ - European Information Centre

Bringing Europe closer to the people

The Europäisches Informations-Zentrum Niedersachsen (EIZ - European Information Centre) works with the support of the European Commission and is intended to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity of obtaining information on the European Union (EU) and on European themes. more

Media policy Image Copyrights: grafolux & eye-server

Media policy in Lower Saxony

One of the few original tasks of the State Chancellery is the definition of media policy. The State Chancellery is not only responsible for legislative fundamentals - media law - but also for the spheres of media industry and film sponsorship. more

State awards and honours Image Copyrights: grafolux & eye-server

State awards and honours in Lower Saxony

Especially in the social, charitable and interpersonal areas of our society, the voluntary commitment of fellow citizens is a necessity. When somebody earns special respect in these fields, an award for services rendered can be made. more

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