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Ministerpräsident Stephan Weil Image Copyrights: StK, Holger Hollermann

Minister President of Lower Saxony Stephan Weil

As head of the Land government, the Minister President defines the fundamentals of government policy. He appoints the State ministers and represents the State of Lower Saxony in external affairs. more

Representation of Niedersachsen to the Federal Government in Berlin Image Copyrights: Astrid Früh

The Politics of Lower Saxony in Berlin

Lower Saxony's state politics is not decided in Hanover alone: its interests vis-à-vis the Federal Government require representation in Berlin. Lower Saxony maintains a presence in Germany’s capitals, with congresses, podium discussions, exhibitions, readings, concerts and lectures being held. more

Representation at the EU in Brussels

Lower Saxony politics in Brussels

The main task of that representation at the EU in Brussels is to monitor and influence the formation of political opinion in the EU and to guide companies and associations headquartered in Lower Saxony through the paragraph and regulation jungle which governs the EU. more

Media policy Image Copyrights: grafolux & eye-server

Media policy in Lower Saxony

One of the few original tasks of the State Chancellery is the definition of media policy. The State Chancellery is not only responsible for legislative fundamentals - media law - but also for the spheres of media industry and film sponsorship. more

State awards and honours Image Copyrights: grafolux & eye-server

State awards and honours in Lower Saxony

Especially in the social, charitable and interpersonal areas of our society, the voluntary commitment of fellow citizens is a necessity. When somebody earns special respect in these fields, an award for services rendered can be made. more

The State Chancellery

The State Chancellery is the "Ministry" of the Minister President of Lower Saxony. Here, the objectives of the Land government are implemented in terms of concrete plans and delegated to the various different departments. Staff divisions monitor progress and supply the Minister President with important decision-making aids after observing and analyzing overall economic and political development.
The Minister President's staff coordinate structural policies with the neighbouring Länder. In addition, the State Chancellery dictates the federal and media policies of the Land.

The constitution also grants the Minister President the right to pardon criminals, and such decisions are also prepared in the State Chancellery.

It is the department for conferring orders (Ordensreferat) which is engaged in the particularly "honourable" tasks of the State Chancellery: here, proposals for awards, honours and orders are processed. This is, incidentally, one of the organs of the Land which has never received a complaint in connection with one of its letters.

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