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The Press and Information Office

The Press and Information Office of the Land Government sees its role as a service provider not only for the media and other interested parties within the Land, but also for the Minister President and all ministries. The task of the Press Office is to create a positive image of the Land in the public perception and to inform the public about the activities of the Land Government. This is carried out for the media via classical press work: press conferences, press releases, visits made by the Minister President or the Land government.

For those interested, brochures are produced on the Land and its people, its industry and science, history and culture, and not least on certain fields of politics. Such brochures and press releases can be requested from the Press Office in writing or by telephone or downloaded from the internet.

Every working day, the Press Office evaluates all daily newspapers distributed in Lower Saxony and compiles a press overview which is distributed to the Minister President and ministers for them to obtain a quick overview.

Television transmissions with Land-specific significance and items released by the Deutsche Presseagentur are of course also evaluated, so that the Land government is always informed of latest developments.

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