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The Politics of Lower Saxony in Berlin

Lower Saxony's state politics is not decided in Hanover alone: its interests vis-à-vis the Federal Government require representation in Berlin. Lower Saxony maintains a presence in Germany’s capitals, with congresses, podium discussions, exhibitions, readings, concerts and lectures being held. Leading companies headquartered in Lower Saxony present themselves here, networking with politicians, public authorities, embassy officials and organizations. The state’s representatives stage tours and receptions for a wide range of visitor groups. These staff, acting and lobbying on behalf of the whole of Lower Saxony, maintain close contacts with the institutions of the Federal Government and Europe, as well as with ministries, commissions, parliaments and various associations.

In the German capital, Lower Saxony shares a new and modern building with another state, Schleswig-Holstein. The representative office in the geographical and political heart of Berlin is the ideal location for lobby work.

Through Lower Saxony’s representation at national-government level, it exerts its influence on the legislation and administration of the Federal Government and on projects carried out by the European Union. It is here that the work of the Bundesrat (Upper House of Parliament) is coordinated with the ministries of Lower Saxony and also with the other German states, and where the voting decisions of Lower Saxony in the Bundesrat take shape.

All in all, it is very much a case of "first come, first served”. It is often the case that legislation has already been decided upon or that subsidy funds have already been exhausted. To be able to take the right action through being in possession of the right information at the right time, or to identify the right source of funds in good time, are the most important tasks of Lower Saxony’s state representatives.

Vertretung des Landes Niedersachsen beim Bund
In den Ministergärten 10
10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 72629-1500
Fax: +49 30 72629-1567

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Representation of Niedersachsen to the Federal Government in Berlin   Image Copyrights: Astrid Früh

Representation of Niedersachsen at the Federal Government in Berlin

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