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Lower Saxony politics in Brussels

Land politics are not decided in Hanover alone: The Land’s interests vis-à-vis the Federal Government and Europe require representation both in Berlin and in Brussels. Lower Saxony maintains a presence in both capitals, with congresses, podium discussions, exhibitions and concerts. Important companies headquartered in Lower Saxony present themselves and establish contacts to politicians, authorities, embassy officials and organisations. As representatives and lobbyists for the whole of Lower Saxony, our staff maintain intensive contacts to the institutions of the Federal Government and Europe, to ministries, commissions, parliaments and associations.

Lower Saxony has maintained its own office in Brussels since 1991. Its main task is to monitor and influence the formation of political opinion in the EU, and to guide Lower Saxony companies and associations through the paragraph and regulation jungle of EU law.

Included among the other tasks of the Land office are in particular:

  • the sourcing and preparation of the latest information on EU legislative processes and sponsorship programmes;

  • the timely integration of Lower Saxony positions in the consensus-forming process in European institutions;

  • the planning and implementation of events on themes specifically associated with Lower Saxony interests;

  • the monitoring and continued support of Lower Saxony project applications and

  • the establishment of contacts and the drawing-up of meeting schedules for Lower Saxony representatives of politics, science, administration and industry.

To achieve this, the Land Office exploits its intensive work contacts to Brussels institutions, especially to the EU Commission, to the European Parliament, to the Council of Europe and to the Committee of the Regions, as well as to national and European associations and the offices of other European regions. Apart from this, the Land Office is used as a contact agency by those who wish to know more about Lower Saxony.

Vertretung des Landes Niedersachsen bei der Europäischen UnionRue Montoyer 61
B-1000 Bruxelles
Tel: +32 2 230 0017
Fax: +32 2 230 1320

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Representation at the EU in Brussels  

Representation at the EU in Brussels

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